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Tuning Notes:     

Saxophonists:                                                                                    Concert Bb

Guitarists:                          1st String E      2nd String B      3rd String G      4th String D      5th String A      6th String E     

Alternate Guitar Tunings                 Lap Steel Guitar Common Tunings

Online Metronome:

Beats per minute:       48       58        68        72       78        88      98

Practice Drum Beats               (These are some of the ones we use in your Lessons!)

    Rock Beat 1      Slow Med Fast
Rock Beat 2 Slow Med Fast
Rock Beat 3 Slow Med Fast
Blues Shuffle Slow Med Fast
Latin 1 Slow Med Fast
Country ( Boom-Chicka) Slow Med Fast
Acoustic 1 Slow Med Fast

Scales and Patterns

 Here are some licks that every guitar player should know. These are considered to be "In The Box" and have been the basis of countless great solo's using double stops and the basic minor blues scale. 

                                 Download PDF                 Listen:        Slow              Fast                                 

Basic 12 bar Blues in A

Slow     Medium       Fast       Basic A Blues Chart     

  Guitarists: Solo using A minor pentatonic and A Blues Scale, or for something a little different try C major scales!                                                                

Stormy Monday                                                             Slow     Med     Fast              Stormy Monday Chart        

Blues in The Key of E                                                                           Struttin'                    Hey Bo Diddley

Funky Blues                                                 Funkin' Out in G

Jazz Soloing                                                     Soulin' in C

The Chords for this are CM7 and Dm7. You may use C major  or A minor blues scales for this progression.


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