General Lesson Information

Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis and last 30 minutes. Lessons are planned around students interest and ability and when appropriate the parents desires as far as curriculum studied. Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to bring in material of interest, this might include books and or  CD materials that the student would like to pursue.  I do not consider myself a "Song" teacher but will use student materials to help each student learn how to "teach themselves. My desire for my students is that they have the skills to make their own choices and have the ability to learn on their own. If you teach a student a song you have taught them just a song, but teach them the skills needed to learn that song,  then you will open up a whole world of discovery.


   Students are expected to attend their scheduled lesson times on a weekly basis. If their is a conflict in advance please let me know in advance. All cancellations on the day of the lesson will be charged. Lessons may not be cancelled due to lack of practice. It is expected that students will commit themselves to thirty minutes of practice a day when studying music. Regular practice is very important, it is better to practice a little often rather than a long period of time for less days. Here are some great Practice Tips. 


Billing and Payment

   All Music Lessons are $15 for a one half hour private lesson. Because everyone's budget is different you may pay by the lesson or by the month whichever is more convenient for you. Students paying by the lesson will be expected to pay for any missed lessons at their next scheduled lesson. Students paying by the month will be asked to pay at the their first lesson of each calendar month. Lessons paid for in advance will be credited if proper notice is given.

Lesson Materials

      All Students are required to have a metronome and an electric guitar tuner. Tuning the guitar and keeping steady time can be frustrating to the beginning music student. Both of these items can be purchased at any good music store or on-line for about $20. Many local music stores will match any on-line price for the like items they stock. I encourage all my students to when possible support local Wichita area music stores.

    I use exclusively for teaching all beginning and intermediate students materials from Watch and Learn Inc. I have had great success with these books as they all come with an audio CD and have companion DVD's that may also be purchased. The last few years have seen great advancements in teaching materials and these books I believe are designed with the young student in mind. These books get the students playing faster and keep their interest better than any series of books I have used in the past. The down sided of these books is that no Wichita music stores carry them, they are only available on the internet. if this is a problem I am more than happy to order them for anyone and will charge you what it costs me. Most books are $14.95 and the shipping is $5. I would greatly encourage you to visit the Watch and Learn web site and look over the many educational products available.

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