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A Parents Guide to Music Lessons

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  1. How much do you charge?
  2. Do I need a Guitar or do You Provide One?
  3. Should I play Electric or Acoustic Guitar?
  4. How often should lessons be?
  5. How much should I practice?
  6. What about teaching materials and other expenses?
  7. I have never been involved in music lessons before, how exactly do I get started?

How much do you charge and when do you teach?

Lessons are $15 for a 1/2 hour private lesson. Students desiring more time will be charges $15 per half hour. I teach on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. My last scheduled lesson is 7:30p and I start sometimes as early as 9am.

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Do I need a guitar or do you provide one?

Students need to provide their own guitar. I do have guitars the students can use if theirs is in the shop or unavailable on their lesson day but this is only when necessary to avoid missing a lesson.

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Should I play electric or acoustic guitar?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents and students alike. the simple answer is which ever you would enjoy the most. Both guitars have unique qualities about them and some things you can only do on that particular instrument. One of the best questions to ask yourself ( I will ask this at our first lesson ) is if you could snap your fingers and play just as you dream about, what would it be, Acoustic or Electric? Would you be in a band? or how about sitting around a campfire? do you want to go to college and play? do you want to write your own music?.......all these answers help me determine what is right for your situation, everyone is different.

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How often should lessons be taught?

    In my experience it is best to have lessons on a weekly basis. This gives the student time to prepare materials for their next lesson. After a week has past it is hard for most students to stay focused on the things they should and the result is going over the same materials again. I do schedule lessons on a "as needed basis" for students that may either be in and out of town or just need pointers on an occasional basis. These lessons are worked in as my schedule permits.

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How much should I practice

    There is no right or wrong answer to this question, obviously the more you practice the faster you will progress but more is not always better. One of the things I concentrate heavily on is how to practice correctly and getting the most out of your time. It is important to practice everyday, thirty minutes at least if possible. Here are some great information on practicing!

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What about teaching materials and other expenses?

      While I try to keep expenses at a minimum, there will be from time to time the purchase of books and other materials. I use books from the Watch and Learn series. These are wonderful books that get students playing FAST! They are only available on-line at I am also happy to order the books for you when paid for in advance, the books cost $15.

       The beginning student is required to have an electronic guitar tuner and a metronome. Many guitar pedals and keyboards etc....have drum patterns and metronomes already in them. feel free to discuss these things with me at any time.

Metronome   Tuner    Books            

Digitech RP50 Guitar Pedal with Drum Machine and tuner

I love RP50 guitar pedal it is my main guitar processor and I highly recommend it to all my beginning electric guitar students, great sounds easy to use , features a built in tuner and a drum machine for practicing. The combined cost of a tuner and metronome is about the same cost as the RP50. So for the money the RP50 is an excellent investment!  NOTE: Parents it has a headphone jack!

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I have never been involved in music lessons before, how exactly do we get started?

Simply give me a call at 652-7358 and we will set up a time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that suits your schedule.

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