Roomful of Blues

An American Blues Institution. I will always be proud to be associated with this band. To witness such musicianship on a nightly basis is something I will never forget.


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The first RFB Publicity shot of the new line-up takin' at Normandy studio's

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Roomful Publicity shot

It was Raining and cold!

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Hollywood Ham, We were in Hollywood to play a cast party for the Drew Carey Show.

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We had a Day off in Amsterdam, Relaxing with Mike Le Beau and Chris Vachon

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On The Streets of Paris, It was my favorite stop on the tour

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Chris Vachon, Consumate Pro

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My home away from Home

the Bunk!

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With John Rossi in Italy, A great "Stylist" I was honored to play his last shows with the band before he retired.

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On stage at The grand Emporium in Kansas city. we always sold out the house and it was one of my favorites. Especially when I could slide down to Wichita and visit home.

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On Stage looking out on ship at the Ultimate R & B Cruise. we played four one hour shows in seven days. 

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My first night with the Band in Florida

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Relaxing in Amsterdam,

Mac, Wolf, Steve, Greg & Chris

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Rehearsing for

Their Goes The Neighborhood.

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A sight you won't see very often. I had drove to a show with Ray Charles.Somehow ended up racing the bus around an oval race track.

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