Mighty Lak' A Rose


Beautiful little fellow, everybody knows. 

I don't know what to call you, 

But you're Mighty Lak' a Rose

                             To Fathers Everywhere

    In every artist’s career he hopes there comes a point when he can create simply because he wants to, and because he likes the material. For myself and the band this CD is that moment. The artists we cover here are, in our opinions, some of the greatest of all times, Frank Sinatra, Red Prysock, Joe Turner, Wilbert Harrison, Asleep at The Wheel, Bobbie Darrin, Bennie Moten, Count Basie, Illinois Jacquet, Coleman Hawkins . . . . .
    The title track on this CD is very special to me. It is a tune I first heard over 25 years ago on a Coleman Hawkins’ record from the early 60’s entitled “At Ease.” I loved everything about the way he played it and I knew someday I would like to record it. Shortly after the birth of my son in 1998, I found out the tune was a vocal ballad from many years ago. It was written by a father looking down in a crib at his new born son. 
    The reasons one chooses to create and perform are sometimes lost in today’s busy world. As we made this recording our reasons became clear. The painter paints, the musician plays, the teacher teaches and parents love their children, all in the hope of a better tomorrow. If our music provides you a moment of joy in your busy life, then our task is complete.

Kevin May: Saxophones, Vocals
The Deaconairs :
Howard O. Bedient: Keyboards, Vocals
David Keller: Guitars, Vocals
Don Stewart: Drums, Vocals
Recorded at:
Special Blend Sound and Blast-O-Phone Studios
11/26 -12/22 2001
Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Kevin May
Photography by: Howard O. Bedient
Inside Cover Photography by: Skippy Sanchez
Cover Design and Graphics by: Kevin May
Printing by: T&R Printing 
Special Thanks: Our Families : Jean, Jeannie, Chun Ja, Pat, who put up with this crazy life of ours, Brother Darryl, Bob Bell and Roomful of Blues, Doug James, Gordon Beadle, Greg Piccolo, Duke Robillard, Bill W., WSDS, WBS, George Graybill, and the extended Deaconairs Family, Randy, Rich, Ray, TJ, Scott, Curtis and Darryl. “Still Kickin”

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