The Colin James Tour


The summer of 1994, I got a call from Roomful of Blues saying they needed to fill  Gregg Piccolo's chair in the Roomful horn section for a few week's. We toured as part of Colin's 1994 Canadian tour. Roomful would open up the shows and then stay on stage to back Colin.


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The Toronto Jazz festival1994, My hotel room overlooked the main stage.

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Colin James

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Mr. Baritone, My good friend Doug James

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Outside the Spectrum

theatre in Toronto

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Doug James, Johnny Ferrara,

and Rich Lataille backstage.


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My sister Pam and Brother in Law George Petkanas from NYC drove up to Toronto.

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Waiting for a limo to drive me home (wherever that was for the night!)

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The Roomful Horns 1994

(This is one of my favorite picture's)


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